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2018 Severn Highsteppers Track & Field

Regular Season 2018
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Tiffany Bady 9 months ago

Thank you to everyone that came out last night to participate in team cookout. We all had a really great time. Enjoy your holiday weekend and see you at practice on Tuesday.

kristy curry 9 months ago

Joey and I are bringing some chips. No Alexis today.

Heather Ward 9 months ago

We will bring sodas

Diane Bullock 9 months ago

I can bring baked beans

Kimberly Rankin 9 months ago

Practice is canceled tonight 5/25/2017 due to lightening.

The team picnic is still on for tomorrow night. Please RSVP your attendance and what side dish you are bringing.

Enjoy your evening "off",
Team mom Kim

Tiffany Bady 9 months ago

Please confirm if you will be attending the team cookout tomorrow.

Tiffany Bady 9 months ago

Team Cookout Friday May 26th at 630pm at Severn Danza Park. Please respond to RSVP invite. All meat will be provided. If you are bringing a dish please make a post for all to see.

Tiffany Bady 9 months ago

Happy almost Friday,

Frederick Striders Meet Schedule is posted on
Please note the 830 am registration time.

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