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Fall Football Registration is Now Open!!!

By SACFootball, 01/16/15, 10:15AM EST



Teams offered by Severn:

Fall Flag Football - 5 -6 yr old:  

Our in-house program is designed as a developmental program geared towards introducing the players to the game in a not so competitive environment.  Once organizations submit the number of teams they will have competing for the year, a schedule is created with each organization hosting at-least one game.  The fields are reduced in size for all games.  


Tackle (Travel Teams):

**Note:  AAYFA has instituted a tackle to tackle rule that allows kids in weighted pounds to weigh up to ten pounds over their current weight.  This means that a 80lb player (8yr old) that weighs in at 85lbs is allowed to play with his age group, but can only play on the offensive or defensive live.  They are not allowed to advance the ball.

**The 6-14 (14 if they are not in high school and do not turn 15 during the season) are traveling teams that play most of their 9 game season on within the county with a couple of exceptions (Their are a couple of teams located in Upper Queens Anne and Chesapeake that are a part of our league).  

**In an effort to provide a competitive environment, regardless your experience level.  The league is separaed into three divisions as follows:

1.  American

2.  National

3.  Central

** Players will be evaluated and placed in the division that we feel gives them the highest rate of success.  We do this because we want the player as well as the parents experience throughout the season to be an an enjoyable one.  

Teams and Ages: 

Notes:  Players are allowed to play up, but we normally don't like for them to play more than two ages up for safety reasons.

70lb - 6-7 yr old (Note:  If a player turns 8 before the anytime during the year they must participate in 8 year old category.)

80lb - 8 yr old

90lb - 9 yr old

100lb - 10 yr old



*Varsity "U"

* There is no weight limit for the unlimited teams.

Please send questions about the program to the one of the following emails:

Call:  443-517-9119