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Severn Football Weekly Updates and News Page


    Are you Ready for some Football?

    By SACFootball 07/19/2016, 2:15pm EDT

    Practice Start (TBD)

    Severn Football Weekly Updates (Important Dates and Links for Parks and Recs)

    By Commissioner Stephen Lloyd 07/19/2016, 12:00pm EDT

    Note: Please remember to read the entire email so you don't miss out on any important 

    As our 2016 registration period comes to a close on the 20th, I will also be closing out all our county administrative requirements. Your team moms were given a spreadsheet with a list of those still having some form of obligation still pending. It's nothing to get alarmed about because a pending obligation could be anything from verification of payments to a simple missing document or signature on required registration paperwork. I will be on the hill today at Queenstown Park from 7:00 - 8:00 pm to address all questions or concerns. 

    Weekend Notes:

    Note: 2016 Fall football schedule should be posted by end of day on Monday. Please do not call the county about the schedule. When ready, it will be posted at the following link: (Click the Team Schedules and choose your teams division to view the appropriate schedule)

    Severn Football Divisions for 2016:

    70lb (A) - National Division
    70lb (C) - Central Division
    80lb - National Division
    90lb - National Division
    100lb - National Division
    11U (A) - American Division
    11U (N) - National Division
    12U - American Division
    Varsity U - National Division

    The 4-5 year old In-house flag and tackle do not attend weigh-in. If your player attended and passed the 1st weigh-in they do not need to attend this one. 

    2nd County Weigh-in:

    Location: Old High School Cafeteria

    Address: 600 Patriot Lane, Millersville, MD 21108

    Date: August 20, 2016

    Arrival Time: 8:00 

    Items to wear: Practice jersey, shorts and t-shirt. (No Cleats)

    Meeting Location: There will be a purple and black Ravens tent at the top of the hill in front of the High School. Please report to the tent with your player to check-in. We will start to line up near the door at 8:30 and will proceed to the scales starting at 9:00 AM. Once players are done the coaches will bring them out of the cafeteria and ensure they are received by parents.


    Organization must be at assigned site 1/2 hour before their weigh-in time
    Organization cannot not come to scales until their organization is called
    Players and coaches from each team are to come to the scales when its time to weigh-in
    No Parents Are Permitted In The Weigh-in Area
    Each player weighing in Must wear shorts, t-shirt and footwear
    Coaches Must bring (3) completed copies of the Weigh-in form for each team with every player in Alphabetical Order

    The following are Not allowed in the building/weigh-in area:
    * Cleats

    * Food or Drinks

    August 20, 2016
    Organizational Scrimmage with Severna Park Green Hornets: (Please see your head coach and team mom for special instructions for your particular team.

    Location: Kinder Park
    Address: 1001 Kinder Farm Park Rd
    Millersville, MD, 21108


    11:00 - Severna Park 70LB National vs Severn American
    12:30 - Severna Park 100LB American vs Reisterstown
    2:00 - Severna Park 100LB National vs Severn National
    3:30 - Severna Park 12U National vs Severn American


    11:30 - Severna Park 80LB National vs Severn 80lb National
    1:00 - Severna Park 90lb vs Severn American(90lb was moved to American by the county)
    2:30 - Severna Park 11U National vs Severn National
    4:00 - Severna Park 13U National vs Severn National

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Commissioner Steve

    1. AGE Participation Rule:

    • If you are born after Sept 1st, you can play down one weight class only if you can make weight. 

    2.  Weight Rule:

    • After making weight you will only be allowed 10lbs. to gain.
    •  5lbs during regular season and 5lbs during playoffs

    3.  Weigh-in Rule

    • You will get three chances to make weight this year. We will have two in Aug and one late one in Sept. If you miss the first two you can go to the third one, however anyone who misses weight at the first two has to sit out until the third game if you make it at the third weigh-in. This will eliminate all the complaint from the parents and coaches about not knowing you had only two chances. 

    4. Recruiting Policy 
    If a participant in our County leagues wants to change organizations (by sport) from the previous season, a youth player release form from the previous organization is required and must be attached to the youth player’s contract. Our youth player contract is not valid without this release (youth player release forms can be downloaded from our website).

    o  Organizations/coaches that fail to follow this policy may be subject to disciplinary action to include probation and/or suspension.
    o  Organizations/coaches who improperly recruit may be subject to disciplinary action to include probation and/or suspension.


    Fall Football Registration is Now Open!!!

    By SACFootball 01/16/2015, 10:15am EST


    Teams offered by Severn:

    Fall Flag Football - 5 -6 yr old:  

    Our in-house program is designed as a developmental program geared towards introducing the players to the game in a not so competitive environment.  Once organizations submit the number of teams they will have competing for the year, a schedule is created with each organization hosting at-least one game.  The fields are reduced in size for all games.  


    Tackle (Travel Teams):

    **Note:  AAYFA has instituted a tackle to tackle rule that allows kids in weighted pounds to weigh up to ten pounds over their current weight.  This means that a 80lb player (8yr old) that weighs in at 85lbs is allowed to play with his age group, but can only play on the offensive or defensive live.  They are not allowed to advance the ball.

    **The 6-14 (14 if they are not in high school and do not turn 15 during the season) are traveling teams that play most of their 9 game season on within the county with a couple of exceptions (Their are a couple of teams located in Upper Queens Anne and Chesapeake that are a part of our league).  

    **In an effort to provide a competitive environment, regardless your experience level.  The league is separaed into three divisions as follows:

    1.  American

    2.  National

    3.  Central

    ** Players will be evaluated and placed in the division that we feel gives them the highest rate of success.  We do this because we want the player as well as the parents experience throughout the season to be an an enjoyable one.  

    Teams and Ages: 

    Notes:  Players are allowed to play up, but we normally don't like for them to play more than two ages up for safety reasons.

    70lb - 6-7 yr old (Note:  If a player turns 8 before the anytime during the year they must participate in 8 year old category.)

    80lb - 8 yr old

    90lb - 9 yr old

    100lb - 10 yr old



    *Varsity "U"

    * There is no weight limit for the unlimited teams.

    Please send questions about the program to the one of the following emails:

    Call:  443-517-9119




    In House Tackle Football for 4/5 year olds

    By SACFootball 12/29/2014, 7:45am EST

    Registration opens on January 15!!!

    In house tackle football for 4/5 year olds. This gives parents an option for their 4/5 year olds to begin the transition from flag football to competitive tackle football. 

    Under this program, players will be equipped with full gear and will learn the skills the big boys do. Since this is an in house program, the strength of the program is dependent upon the number of 4/5 year olds that participate. It is our hope to be able to field at least two in house teams that will compete against other organizations in the county.  

     If you would like to discuss this program with the Commissioner, please contact him at

    Sign up early to secure your spot!!!!


    Educational/Scholarship Opportunities

    By Stephen Lloyd Commissioner 05/27/2014, 12:00pm EDT