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Severn Athletic Club Executive Board and Sport Commissioners

Please click link below to see the contact information for board members and commissioners that represent the many sports offered by the Severn Athletic Club.

Sports offered at SAC:

1.  Baseball -

2.  Basketball -

3.  Cheerleading -

4.  Football -

5.  Soccer -

6.  Softball -

7.  Wrestling -

8.  Track and Field -



Severn Seminoles Baseball Club

PO Box 785
Severn, MD 21144

Geoffrey Bobersky

Baseball Commissioner

Rob & Vanessa Facer

Rookie Division - 7 & 8 yo

Dawn Fowler

Severn Athlectic Club President

Natalie Robinson

Minor Coordinator (9-10 year olds)

Phone: 202-445-4811

Could be You

Little Noles Coordinator (4 years)

Paul Schindler

Major Coordinator (11-12 year olds)

Jim Christy

Babe Ruth Coordinator (13-15 year olds)

Phone: 443-478-0860

Robert Facer

7U Tournament Team Manager

Michael Lavin

8U Tournament Team Manager

Position Open

9U Tournament Team Manager

Jimy Ark

11U Travel Team Manager (Ark)

Phone: 443-286-4705

Brian Fowler

14U Travel Team Manager

Mike Spurgeon

10U Travel Team Manager

Carlson Navarette

12U Travel Team Manager

Phone: 410-627-6345

Brian Nevin

15U Travel Team Manager (Nevin)

Deneen Kallas

11U Travel Team Manager (Kallas)

Position Open

13U Travel Team Manager