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Patty Graves 11 months ago Foo crop icon

Okay looks like Severn Highsteppers Track Club 2017 week long JO's has athletes everyday. Saturday July 29th 13 athletes, Sunday July 30th 5 athletes, Monday July 31st 3 athletes, Tuesday August 1st 3 athletes, Wednesday August 2nd 7 athletes, Thursday August 3rd 5 athletes, Friday August 4th 2 athletes and Saturday August 5th 2 athletes. Here we go yeah

Wesley Miller 11 months ago Foo crop icon

Jaxson and Wesley are spending the week with grandparents so they will not make practices his week. They'll return next week and plan on participating in the All Comers meets.

Patty Graves 11 months ago Foo crop icon

Good evening just wanted to thank the Severn Highsteppers family for a successful Regional meet (50 athletes), all our athlete did an outstanding job. Coaches and parents pat yourselves on the back, for our athletes showed up and showed out. We Had 30 athletes to make for 37 events and multiple athlete to make the podium. Here are the highlight for everyone:

First in order to make it to the next level (Junior Olympic Games) you had to rank in the top 6 run events, top 5 field events and the top 4 in the multi event. They awarded the top 8 athletes in each event and age groups.

Let's start with the 30 athletes who made it to the JO's for 37 events:
Alexis Curry
Caiya Campbell
Cerenity Houghton
Gabrielle Wilson
Haeley Alvarez
Jada Rose
Jayla Washington
Joi Bullock
Justyce-Arque Ferdinand
Margret Rankin
Mikaila Moses
Mikayla Gaither
Niriyah Moses
Rianna Metzger
Robertsha Metzger
Sophia Rankin
Bukhari Abdus-Salaam
Daniel Gould
Deshawn Moses
Elijah Houghton

MELIA MOSES 11 months ago

Accidents on 295 heading into Baltimore. Take alternate route if you can.

Patty Graves 11 months ago Foo crop icon

Congratulation's to Wesley Miller and Jahad Hayes for making the 100m dash finals on Sunday.

Patty Graves 11 months ago Foo crop icon

JO's Report Day 1 (Thursday)Severn Highsteppers did great with 1 athlete going to the JO's and 8 athelete's making it to the podium. Day 2 (Friday) wonderful we had 21 made the podium and 17 athletes going to JO's. Four day Regional meet with only two days in, we have 18 athletes going to the Junior Olympic Games in Detroit, MI with two more days.

MELIA MOSES 11 months ago

To view results from the Regional track meet, use the following link.

Kimberly Rankin 11 months ago

Race Walkers, I am at the entrance to the stadium to meet you for your wristband and number. I was at our tent area but decided to come to you at the entrance.

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