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Jackie Peters 11 months ago

Is there a link to get the times from the meet? I looked online and found the live link with results but it's telling me there is an error when I try to open it.

Ahmad Abram 11 months ago

Hello all Parents and Athletes,

I am available this week all day of you out your athlete would like to workout in addition to our regularly scheduled practice. Call or text me If you are interested. My cell number is (443)839-7745

Great Job today,
Ahmad (Aj) Abram

Tracy Shank 11 months ago

wont be able to make the meeting heading back home did the meet go this weekend

Stephen Lloyd 11 months ago

Hello Everyone,

Please remember to mark your calendar for tomorrow's coaches meeting. We will be meeting at the Dunkin Doughnuts just off of 175 across from Fort Meade. We will start promptly at 6:30.

Commissioner Steve

Kimberly Rankin 12 months ago

Hints for Districts June 10th and 11th:
Mother O has secured our spot for this weekend. When you come in the fenced area we are to your left; I5 has the first portion of the grassy area before the bleachers and we are located in the second half in front of the long jump pits, so don't forget your chairs and cots. In the past we have been allowed to leave our tent frames up in our spot for Sunday. We have just removed the covering and lowered the frames, allowing for an easy set up for Sunday.

For team check in, have your athlete grab their event stickers to allow for attendance. We will then be handing out the bibs for each athlete. The bib will be needed for BOTH days of competition. Please do not misplace or lose the bib, or you will have to pay a replacement fee for a new one.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! It is going to hot this weekend, we want to make sure our athletes are hydrated and able to perform to the best of their ability. Please remember to bring lots of water and

Stephen Lloyd 12 months ago

I will not be at practice today.

Commissioner Steve

Kimberly Rankin 12 months ago

Quick heads up one of our parents found ticks on their athletes after tonight's practice(6/6/17).

Diane Bullock 12 months ago 20150212 122727 crop icon

Were we supposed to pay for t-shirts and shipping? Also, where do we submit the AAU Membership ID numbers?

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